One of the best features in Lord of the Rings are the professions that you are allowed to master. Each player has the ability to pick one vocation and then three different professions. Each LOTRO profession will play an important role in your character’s developments, skills and capabilities. For those looking to make more gold, increase their experience points and level up quickly, mastering a profession is key.

Most popular professions in LOTRO

Out of all of the available vocations, the Lord of the Rings Online Armorer is possibly the most popular. The professions for this include metalsmith, prospector and tailor. Each one will benefit the other as you learn to craft new items for your own use, or to sell to other players. It can be a bit difficult when you are first starting out however, and the use of LOTRO crafting macros can be very helpful. These will help automate the intensive process of crafting new items.

Another popular profession is that of Forester. This is available to players that select either the Explorer or Woodsman vocation. In order to reach the master level of the Lord of the Rings Online Forester, you’re going to have to go on specific quests and find very specific items. It is very helpful to use a walkthrough to get exactly what you need in a lot less time.

Many of the Lord of the Rings Online crafting professions require a lot of skill to master. You’re going to need to be able to devote quite a bit of time to your vocations in order to reach the ultimate status. For many players, this is just not an option and they find that their time spent on crafting takes them away from their other tasks in the game. In order to help make the time spent on crafting more manageable, many players like to utilize special guides. These LOTRO guides make it very easy to start making the items you need to reach your goal, and they can also be very beneficial if you need to know which items are going to be more valuable.

Check all the tools

In addition to all of these helpful tools, there are plenty of Lord of the Rings cheats and mods that have been created to help make crafting a lot easier. You’ll be able to quickly complete your recipes and tasks in order to reach that Master level a lot faster. When you’re stuck trying to move up from Apprentice, these are incredibly useful. There are also numerous secrets and hacks that can assist you in quickly mastering all three of your chosen professions.

One of the best parts about LOTRO professions is that each one was created to help you excel as a character. While there may be times of tedium and frustration, each item you make is taking you closer to your goal of defeating the Dark Lord and it is helping you make your character much stronger. Professions and vocations can take up a lot of time, but in the end, this is definitely time well spent.