LOTRO Guides & Tips

With more than 10,000 items to find, 2,500 monsters to beat and more than 50 million square meters to travel, Lord of the Rings Online is one of the most complicated and challenging MMORPG’s on the market. No matter how good you may be at other games, there are times when even the most dedicated gamers are going to need a leg up. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources at your disposal to help you navigate through LOTRO and come out on top.

A Lord of the Rings FAQ can answer questions quickly!

Many new players find it very beneficial to start out with the Lord of the Rings Online FAQ that contains exclusive information. This will help you get started on the right foot and can dramatically change the way you play LOTRO. If you don’t want to spend your time wandering around, and you want to jump ahead to the best parts of the game, this is definitely the place to start.

Complete missions faster with a LOTRO Map or Atlas

Since this is a very large setting, an LOTRO atlas really makes the difference when you are trying to travel between the cities and complete your quests. If you get stuck at any time, or turned around, you can simply refer to that atlas and get back on track. There are also special Lord of the Rings Online maps that unlock the secret to specific areas in the game and make it easier to complete your quests.

Lord of the Rings Online Tricks & Hints: Learn from the veterans!

There will definitely be times in this game when you are going to need some Lord of the Rings Online hints and tips in order to

  • Master your professions and vocation fast
  • Accomplish great deeds to earn special titles
  • Make the most LOTRO gold
  • Finish quests in record time

These LOTRO tricks will help you level up quickly and show you how to beat even the most accomplished enemies within the game.

Let a LOTRO Walk Through lead you through the game

You will be dealing with some quests that can be difficult to complete, especially if you are stuck in one area. A Lord of the Rings Online walk through will guide you through, step-by-step, to victory and you can rest assured you’ll be back enjoying the game in no time at all. For players that don’t have a lot of time on their hands, this type of LOTRO strategy guide is absolutely essential.

Learn all the Lord of the Rings Online Secrets!

One of the most challenging and fun aspects of this game is the ability to play in PvE or PvMP mode. Once you reach level 10, you will have the ability to play against specific monsters and other characters. Without the backup of some key LOTRO secrets, this mode can be very frustrating. However, with these secrets are your disposal, you can battle more effectively to get as many keeps as possible which will allow you access to the Delving of Fror, where things get even more interesting.

Are you looking for working LOTRO Guides, Hints, & Secrets?

No matter what level of player you are, when you are dealing with a game of this magnitude it really helps to have all of these tools at your disposal. LOTRO is one of the best games in existence, but it also one of the most complicated. With these guides, tips, and tricks you can quickly master the game as you journey on the road to defeating the Dark Lord and attaining your glory.

Lord of the Rings Online is an award winning game that took the MMORPG community by storm. No one was prepared for a landscape this rich, characters this developed, or gameplay that was this sophisticated. The reviews for LOTRO have been stellar, and one glance at the game can tell you why. The creators truly went above and beyond and managed to create a game that resounded among die-hard fans of the books and those who have never experienced Middle Earth.

The Lord of the Rings Online screenshots that are available are the first clue that this game is quite special. From the beloved characters in the book, such as Tom Bombadil, to the amazing rendering of Lorien, the screenshots are proof that this game is truly dedicated to JRR Tolkien’s vision of Middle Earth. No stone was left unturned in their quest to make a game that could live up to this kind of a legacy.

If you have never even heard of Middle Earth, the first place to start is the LOTRO demo. This provides you with a crash course on this game that takes place in more than 50 million square meters of virtual space. You’ll be looking for more than 10,000 items, battling more than 2500 unique monsters and immersing yourself in this truly epic landscape.

Once you try the Lord of the Rings Online demo, chances are you will be hooked. This is a great way to figure out which type of character you would like to play and you can start developing your strategy early on. This demo can also provide you with a glimpse into the unique LOTRO deed system, as well as the crafting vocations and professions that will be at your disposal.

Another great way to get a feel of what this game is about is to watch a few Lord of the Rings Online movies. They are made by the fans of this game and provide a unique glimpse of what you can expect as you battle your way to overcoming the Dark Lord. Stop in at the Prancing Pony and have a pint with the hobbits, or struggle your way through the unforgiving territory of the Misty Mountains. With these movies, you’ll feel like you are a part of the action.

When it comes to combining all of the elements that make a game great, LOTRO has it made. With a rich fantasy world created by the master of fantasy, Tolkien himself, old favorite characters brought to life, amazingly detailed graphics and quests that will test your skills, it is all too easy to get addicted to this game. When compared to other MMORPG’s, Lord of the Rings Online truly stands apart.

Whether you get hooked by the screenshots or entranced by the available movies, LOTRO is fun to play, and you will truly feel as though you are a citizen of Middle Earth, no matter if you are a simple hobbit or a lithesome elf from the forgotten forests.