Characters in Lord of the Rings Online

When you first start your LOTRO subscription, you’ll need to get started by building your character. You’ll have many options that will allow you customize the ultimate Lord of the Rings Online character, and it can be a lot of fun trying to find the perfect one to match your skills. First, you will need to decide which race you will be playing.

Main Lord of the Rings Characters

Currently, you can select from four main Lord of the Rings Online races. They include: Dwarves, Hobbits, Elves and Humans. The race you pick will determine your abilities in the game to some extent, so choose wisely. LOTRO Elves are far better at ranged warfare than Dwarves, while Humans do have the edge over a Hobbit in many situations. One of the most unique aspects of this game is the ability to choose your LOTRO race by region. For example, you can select to play as an Elf from Rivendell, or as a Human from the mighty region of Rohan. In all, there are seventeen Lord of the Rings Online nationalities that you can select.

Select a class

Once you determine which of the LOTRO races you will be playing, it is time to select a class. The available Lord of the Rings Online classes include: Champion, Captain, Hunter, Burglar, Guardian, Lore Master and Minstrel. The race you select will have a bearing on the classes that are open to you. For example, humans are allowed to play in any of the classes, while an Elf will not be able to play as a Captain or a Burglar. Many people that select the hobbit race will choose Burglar as a homage to the original Bilbo Baggins, but you can also select a guardian or minstrel if you want to take advantage of their innate characteristics.

After you have finished making your selection, you will be able to get down to business. Remember, there will be different innate skills and abilities for each race that will work both for and against you. As you gain skills and level up, more abilities will be available. In addition, there will be different kinds of weapons and armor that will be available to your Lord of the Rings Online character.

Armor and weapons

The original armor and weapons you receive for your LOTRO character can be traded in for better items as you progress through the game. You can also complete special Deeds to earn upgraded armor or swords. This is a unique system to Lord of the Rings Online and offers players the ability to greatly enhance their game skills.

No matter what type of LOTRO character you roll, you will have the ability to form fellowships to make up for any deficits you may have. While some people prefer to play singularly, group play, much like the original Fellowship, can make your character stronger. In some instances of the game, you will be very lucky if you can count yourself as a member of a fellowship, and you will be much more likely to make it to your final challenge against the Dark Lord Sauron.